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The Dream world

not to divide the unity.

not to ignite the flames of war.

only the voice of peace.

we just do not agree with violence.

we do not agree with the violence in the middle east country.

we do not agree with violence against children in the middle east.

see the children there!

they must feel the pain of war.

they were supposed to play happily.

see the children there!

they have to feel the horror of the bomb.

they are supposed to find comfort in their homes.

What if their sufferings befall our children? of course we do not want that.

God did not create man to be tortured.

Let us help the children there.

give hope for them. give them happiness.

give them a smile.

for the future of a peaceful world.

for the peace of the world.

to relieve the plight of children.

we hate war.

we hate violence.




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The Dream world