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Citizens must know

we must know our role in the world .

we have freedom in choosing our roles .

we can be a good person , we can also be a bad person .

but , for people who have a heart, he would choose the right one .

he would be a good person .

he would hate crime.

he will hate violence .

he would hate war.

he loves peace .

as a good-hearted man .

we are calling for peace .

we will strive for world peace .

quell crime , reject every kind of evil .

like lately , crime against children .

crimes that target children is rampant .

people who do not have heart started to play its role.

we can see the plight of children in war zone .

we can see violence against children lately .

time for us to defend the truth .

time for us to protect the generations of the world .


tag : child in warzone, child violence, defend the truth, quell crime, white hat

Citizens must know